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Dr Mariela Hitova is one of Bulgaria’s most renowned dermatologists. She is the member of a number of prestigious scientific societies, a trainer for GUNA collagen and ALMA laser systems, a consulting dermatologist for Vip Brother, a referee physician for treatment of patients with Psoriasis vulgaris with Stelara. Dr Hitova is an active participant and initiator of socially important events and activities, and appeared for three consecutive years in the 100 Doctors We Trust list. In 2013 Dr Hitova co-founded the private clinic EuroDerma, which focuses on highly specialised and qualified activity in dermatology, STD and aesthetic medicine.

Why it is important to consult a dermatologist?

The dermatologist is the person that will most accurately diagnose the condition of your skin, its type, characteristics, and needs of care and procedures. Sometimes sensitive skin is mistakenly labeled as problematic, or dermatological conditions are misdiagnosed as aesthetical problems. The dermatologist will make the most reliable diagnosis and will build a plan for dealing with the problem.

What is the advantage of EuroDerma?

EuroDerma is the child of three leading dermatologists: Professor Nikolay Tsankov, MD, Assistant Professor Kazandzhieva, MD, and me. We provide the patients with wide scope, high-qualified, timely dermatological, venereal and aesthetic consultation provided by a team of 12 physicians. Our expertise and procedures cover all sectors in the field. The patient’s safety is always first and we spare no efforts to build a connection and trust with him or her. The treatment of each patient is individual and his or her well-being are of utmost importance to us.

What are the latest trends in modern aesthetic dermatology and how EuroDerma applies them?

The main efforts worldwide are to improve the general appearance of the skin: turgor, cleaning of pigmentation and dilated capillaries. The fashion for large volumes and drastic changes was replaced by a trend for an elegant, stylish appearance where the physician’s intervention is hard to be detected. We, in EuroDerma, follow this route. The laser lifting procedures, the collagen mesotherapy for firming of the skin, the hyaluronic meso hydration, the peelings are preferred by both women and men. These procedures leave no trace on the face and are quick, pain-free and effective.

At what age it is best to start aesthetic dermatology procedures and what procedures are best for each age?

After 25-30 years the reduction of collagen synthesis begins and the first sings for ageing appear: fine wrinkles, small spots, dilated capillaries. The process is, of course, individual and is influenced by the lifestyle, the environment, the diet. At such age mesotherapy with hyaluronic and collagen, and peelings, are usually enough. After 35-40 years of age, the loss of volume begins and the face oval starts sagging. The expression lines become deeper and are visible even on a res
ting face. This is the time to start hyaluronic fillers, laser procedures, botox and plasma therapy, but you have to not overdo them as the skin is not that elastic anymore and if done in short intervals and without time for rest, the therapy can have the opposite effect. From this age on the well-planned systematic care becomes very important. But remember: the inner confidence and the smile speak more about the power and harmony of a woman than all the procedures she has done.

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