Advanced technologies and treatment and top professionals define the experience in the respected dermatology clinic

"The only skin that you have deserves the best!": when three of Bulgaria's top dermatologists decided to open together a dermatology and venereology clinic, in 2013, they wanted to give patients the best care possible. They achieved this thanks to their efforts, professionalism and strive for perfection.

The result is impressive. Ten years after Dr Mariela Hitova, Assistant Professor Zhana Kazandzhieva and Professor Nikolay Tsankov decided to create EuroDerma, the clinic has become a byword for the best place where one can get timely, professional and modern treatment to all types of skin conditions and diseases, and aesthetic procedures and treatments on a par with the best in the world.

The recapitulation includes thousands of happy and satisfied patients, a long list of certificates, awards and recognitions, and the ambition to continue in the same spirit.

Today, EuroDerma is Bulgaria's only ISO certified clinic and is a certified place for training of postgraduate students. It has four specialised departments and is the place where clinical research is performed, approved by the Bulgarian Drug Agency and under the supervision of the local Ethical Committee. EuroDerma works exclusively with approved certified products and equipment. The professionals in its team are respected names in Bulgarian dermatology with stellar reputation for their significant experience, high qualification and many publications and specialisations abroad.

It is hardly a coincidence, then, that this year EuroDerma added another prestigious award to its long list of recognitions: International Dermatology Recognition from the Balkan Medical Awards 2023.

EuroDerma's international standing is not only because Bulgaria's top dermatologists work in it, but also because it participates in a number of international projects:

  1. In EuroDerma is located the Vitiligo Clinic, the first clinic in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe specialised in treatment of this condition. The clinic is in a partnership with the Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome and applies the most advanced medical research, the latest technologies and the most modern methods for vitiligo treatment.

  2. EuroDerma organised for the first time in Bulgaria, together with the French foundation Atopic Dermatitis, a school for patients and parents of children suffering from the condition.

  3. EuroDerma was chosen to conduct clinical research on the effect of acidic skincare on the skin microbiome together with one of the top international allergologists, Professor Joachim Fluhr.

  4. EuroDerma is the home of Bulgaria's only specialised centre for testing for allergic skin diseases with a specialised European testing series.

EuroDerma's aesthetic medicine professionals work with the most efficient and safe technology to achieve impressive results in beauty care that smooth the skin, firm and tone the face and the body, remove excessive fat cells, stimulate collagen and hair production, and more. When trusting the clinic's professionals, patients can be sure that they will receive world-level treatment and competence, and the best results possible.

All of these are why the team of EuroDerma clinic celebrate the jubilee with optimism for the future and plans for more ways to help the growing number of their patients.